Do It Yourself

Staying Away from Common Decorating Blunders

It can be expensive to hire your own interior decorator when you want to renovate your home. Let’s face it no matter how much you love how your house looks like, it can get a bit dreary after a few years or so. When you want to change or decorate it, doing it yourself is much more practical. One, you can definitely save some money from hiring expensive decorators and getting supplies directly from the shop. Second, you can decide on the style and décor you prefer, be flexible and change whatever you want to change.


However it is still wise to know what things to avoid as you do your own decorating. First blunder to steer clear of is buying furniture when you have not taken the time to measure the area where you will be placing it. having a solid plan before you go and purchase what you need is the ideal thing to do. Furniture can be expensive and the hassle of carrying something huge back to the store because it won’t fit through your door is just not worth it. so be sure to size everything up so that the furniture you buy will not only fit the door but you can drag it across the house without needing to tear walls down.


There are homeowners that display too many pictures to count. Yes, people know it’s your home, you do not need to clutter it up with picture frames on every nook and cranny of your house. Pictures are nice and make a great conversation starter but having too many will just make your guest confused and they won’t know where to place their attention anymore. The pictures then just become ordinary, so to make it quite something else, just choose a few you really like and then display those. Another big no-no is placing souvenirs or figurines allover your house too. It makes your décor look a bit messy and again people won’t know where to look. Try to have a place or two where you can display them attractively.


Another mistake some homeowners make is to over think about how to arrange their pieces of furniture that they end up arranging it incorrectly. It is incorrect because you cannot easily pass through the room due to the haphazard arrangement. The best way is to just think how you can arrange it so that you can easily maneuver through the room and your guest may do so as well. You over think sometimes that the result is a scattered furniture that does not do any good to the look and function of the room.


So when doing the decorating yourself do all these do it yourself tips and you woill be amazed at the result.