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Celebrity Limo Stories: Elton John’s Fashionably Late Entrance

There once was a limo driver years ago that dreamt of having his own limo. So he convinced his brother-in-law to let him chop up his Lincoln and stretch it. While cutting up a person’s car would usually cause a rift in the family, this time it paid off. Once the Lincoln was back in one piece the brothers-in-law became partners.

Not soon after that the driver began working with a local limo company that catered to a lot of high-end musicians. It wasn’t long before he got the call that Elton John needed to be picked up at the airport before headlining at that night’s Canadian National Exhibition show. It was short notice and raining, but that wasn’t about to deter the driver.

Off to a Rocky, Rainy Start

Not long after arriving at the Toronto International Airport, the driver found out that Elton John was actually coming in on a private jet, which meant the driver needed to be at a private airport not TIA. On top of that the rain had turned into a downpour. But the tenacious driver makes his way to the private airport and waits. And waits.

By this time Elton is already late for the start of the concert and he hasn’t even touched down yet. That’s when the driver gets another page letting him know that Elton John is indeed flying into TIA after all. Back to Toronto International to wait a little while longer.

At an hour and a half after the concert was supposed to start, Elton John, his manager, a makeup artist and a few crew members finally touch down and are loaded up in the warm, dry limo.

You Know It’s Important if There’s a Police Escort

Being that the star was so far behind already, with thousands of fans waiting in the rain to get a glimpse of him, a police escort to the concert grounds was in order. Still pouring, the two cops on motorcycles were driving at a safe pace, which wasn’t fast enough for the manager who was seated up front with the driver.

The driver handled the situation with grace explaining to the irate manager that he couldn’t pass the police escort and assured him they would get there as soon as possible. This did little to calm the manager since he had just gotten word that fans were beginning to protest because they thought Elton John was a no show.

Concert Craziness

Once they reached the CNE grounds that wasn’t the end of the road for the driver. The first stop was at the costume trailers where Elton got suited up in his stage gear. Once dressed it was back to the limo for the short trip to the stage. The driver opened the door and watched as Elton John made his way up the steps and out onto the stage.

Despite the hours of tardiness and pouring rain, when Elton John arrived the crowd went crazy. The driver waited behind the stage listening to the concert, but not seeing it. After the show, it was time once again to make their way to the private airport where Elton John would board his private jet.

The driver drove out to the tarmac right up to the jet because the rain was still steadily coming down. After the driver loaded Elton John’s things onto the jet, which was amazing inside, his passengers were ready to exit the limo for the last time. The star, his manager, the makeup artist and crew dashed from the limo to the jet, avoiding the rain the best they could. Within minutes they were in the air and out of sight.

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