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Sewage Backups—The Main Culprits

Sewage backups can cause a lot of problems not just on your property but also to your health. By knowing and understanding the different causes of backups in a sewage system, it will be much easier for you to prevent such problems from happening in the future. And even when it does, the sooner you can ask help from leak detection and repair professionals thus preventing the problem from getting worse.

Though some of the reasons of sewage backups can be blamed on the blockage of the main sanitary line sewer which falls under the responsibility of the city, there are other circumstances where a property owner becomes accountable for the sewage backup. And during such circumstances, the property owner will have to be responsible to have the backup resolved and the line restored to its normal function. Generally, there are three major causes of blockages in sewers and pipes. Some of them can be easy to detect, prevent, and repair while some can pose a huge challenge to detect and repair until a significant damage has occurred.

One of the most common causes of sewage backups are solid flushes. These can refer to the blockage in the lateral pipe service which is between the city’s main and a house. Solid flushes are more often than not caused by solid substances or objects which were flushed down the household drain by accident. To some homes and offices, solid flushes can also be caused by accumulation of hair, grease, dirt, and other solid objects like garbage, large debris, sanitary napkins, and diapers which are too big to handle by waste water pipes.

Structural defects are also another cause of many sewage backups. Most structural defects usually happen over some time when the damage has gotten worse in the system. When this happens, it will usually require a major sewer line reconstruction which can be very expensive. If manholes and pipes are not maintained very well, defects like holes, cracks, misalignment, joint offset, and many others can develop overtime.

Root infiltration of trees is also a very common cause of many backups in the sewage line. When a pipe line gets a bit too close to a tree, the roots can reach and enter a service pipe through its joints. And as the tree roots continue to grow inside the pipe, blockage occurs and structural defects also develop.

To solution a sewer blockage problem, the best thing to do for any property owner is to hire a reputable and professional leak detection and repair company. These experts have all it takes to solve your blockage problem at the soonest possible time.

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