Family – Negotiation between Parent and Child

For a family to be complete most couples would love nothing more than to have a child or two of their own. Once the baby is there though, a lot of parents find it a challenge raising them. The very few who had it easy are very, very lucky indeed.


There are many stages in a child’s growth and one challenge that parents encounter is when a child knows what he wants and intends to get it at all cost even throwing a temper tantrum. To avoid and be that functional, happy family you want during this stage in your child’s life, be sure to know how to negotiate with them. Believe me when I tell you that a child can demand for what he wants even during infancy and when reaches toddler years you must be able to instill discipline by not giving in all the time.


So to successfully negotiate with a child you must at first be able and willing to listen attentively to what they are saying. It is best that you let a child finish speaking first. Just you would find it impolite if someone interrupted you while you are talking, it is also rude to not let your child finish before you jump in and give your own thoughts on the matter. A child is not as well versed yet as adults are in expressing how or what they feel and think so be patient and listen. When your kid now tells you what he wants and you don’t think it is appropriate or allowed, give him another option. Let the child weigh all options presented and then allow him to make the decision. Their confidence develops more when allowed to make their own decision.


When your child is talking try to interact using body language. Make sure that your body says you are interested in what he has to say. Children are sensitive and know whether they have your attention or not. When he feels that you are not really interested then he just might react negatively. Look at your child’s eye as much as possible during your interaction. Give encouragement when he is talking not necessarily interrupting him.


Never ever give in just because your child is having tantrums or his whining is getting on your nerves. It is better that your child knows early on that whining will not work with you but instead you will listen when he is talking calmly.  If you want your child to respect you, give him equal respect as well. A mutual respect for each other is a good foundation of your successful parenting later on.