Apartment Living

Living Small

There is a certain charm when living in an apartment compared to a real house. If you can afford a large apartment but for those who can’t then they have to maximize the space allotted. While you can just indeed open the door without the need of running to see who’s on the other side, some challenges cannot be denied. The best way to go around this dilemma of having a small space is to know how to take full advantage of the area you have.


The first thing to do is to not just decorate your space attractively but you also have to make sure that it is practical. This is very important when living in a small area. There is a greater chance of ensuring that your home is tidy with a space for everything you have when you are fond of its appearance and the way it functions well for you and your needs. Think of how you would want your apartment to be as a whole, will you just be using it as a place to sleep in or do you plan to have guests in once in a while? Are you planning on working at you place and will you be storing any equipments from your hobby or sports? How large are the items you need to store? These are all important questions to answer and based on this you can then plot the space or floor area you require and how to store all your items wisely.


Your sleeping space can be artfully hidden with the use of some standing screens or if you have book case then this is handy as well. The back part of the book case facing your sleeping area can then be swathe in cloth or fabric to use as a headboard if you like. Next, choose a bed that is geared for small living arrangements such as a loft or futon bed. By doing so, you can use the area during day time for other activities you require more space. It is also practical to use a bed with storage drawers underneath it. if you can, use a drop leaf table. For your own use, just fold out one of the leaf and then fold out both when having guests over. When out to buy other furniture, get those that can be folded up or rolled out of the way when you do not need it. Remember that having a larger floor area will also make you apartment appear larger than it seem. Just because you are living in a small place does not mean you cannot also use large pieces of furniture. It is more functional to use a few large pieces of furniture than to use a lot of smaller ones. Having the latter will just make your place look messy.